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  Mission Statement  

Vision:  North Cottonwood School is dedicated to promoting academic, social, physical and moral excellence.

Mission: In partnership with parents and the Cottonwood Community, our mission is to provide each student with a quality education that includes the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to be a responsible, contributing member of our changing world.

  About The School  

North Cottonwood School

Coyote PRIDE
Coyote PRIDE

Home of the Coyotes

Where Students are Safe, Trustworthy, Attentive, and Respectful

WELCOME to North Cottonwood School.  It is our hope that you will have a positive educational experience.  The third, fourth, and fifth grades are years of transition.  You will receive instruction in skills and knowledge essential to furthering your education.  STAR Rules lead to STAR Students.  At North Cottonwood, students are expected to follow four basic rules:

Be Safe, Be Trustworthy, Be Attentive and Be Respectful

When students follow these four expectations in the classroom and on the playground, they become successful or, as we say in Coyote Country, they become STAR students.  Students can earn STAR student status each month through our STAR Student Reward Program and can earn monthly special prizes, special field trips and/or special assemblies.