Third Grade

Social Studies

Flags of the World   A CIA database.


Buzz Aldrin- Astronaut    Website and Biography of Apollo 4 astronaut, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin

Schreder Planetarium

"The planetarium provides student and community education in Astronomy and Space Science. Capturing the passion and curiosity of children, teenagers and adults, the planetarium is a beautiful, domed theater in which a realistic and scientifically accurate simulation of the night sky is created, using a highly specialized "star projector."


All Hubble pictures and news, from the latest discoveries to the earliest images. Coast through cosmic images; browse their archive by date, subject or release type.

Welcome to the Planets

"This is a collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program."

StarChild: The Solar System

A great site for learning about space. Categorized in different levels, kids can learn about the solar system, the universe, and space stuff.

Views of the Solar System

"Views of the Solar System presents a vivid multimedia adventure unfolding the splendor of the Sun, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, and more."

The Nine Planets Solar System Tour

"This website is an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each planet and the major moons in our solar system."

NASA - Kennedy Shuttle Operations

An overview of the happenings at Kennedy Space Center. Discusses specific missions and events at the space center.

Astronaut Biographies: Home Page

"Welcome to the astronaut biographies home page, providing biographical information on the members of the space flight crews and candidates for future missions in NASA's space flight program."


Kids Click Animals : 63 sites for kids

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Home

A great site for exploring our nations fish and wildlife conservation and happenings. Includes links to birds, fishing, conservation, hunting, habitats and many more.

IBA Bear Species Descriptions

Bear Species Descriptions Click on the picture of the bear and find a full description of the bear and where it lives.

A site about bats and their habitats.BCI's mission is to teach people the value of bats, to protect and conserve critical bat habitats, and to advance scientific knowledge through research.

SeaWorld/Busch Gardens ANIMALS - HOME

A great animal site that includes lessons for teachers .An animal information database for SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. Has links for teachers and students. Describes the different parks and animals in the parks.

Tiger Territory. The Internet's most massive information and tiger photograph resource.

Tiger Territory
Detailed information is provided on each of the 8 tiger subspecies, living and extinct. The characteristics section covers the tiger in detail from top to tail: ears, eyes, whiskers, fur, skin, skeleton, cleanliness, communication, life span, pug marks, and genetics. In the habits section are details on: Facts, Myths, Mating, Cubs, Family Life, Man-eaters, Hunting, Food Chain, Water, and Behaviour, such as conflict with other animals including bear and lion. Includes many original photographs.